Red Box Harbor is a band full of talent, fresh energy and an “in the now” mentality. Coming of age in a world of palm- sized technology, digital music distribution and viral superstars, Red Box Harbor drew on all the positive elements of social media to engage their fans in a personal way… and it worked. With catchy, effective lyrics and hooks, an infectious charm and all the politeness of southern gentlemen, it is easy to see why RBH is #trendingnow.

The latest indie band to hit the thriving Houston scene, RBH is Jeremiah Turner, Mark Schroeder and Zac Golden. They have played Vans Warped Tour (alongside Mayday Parade, Reliant K, Hellogoodbye and others), SXSW, and have filled Houston venues such as Fitzgerald’s and House of Blues with a throng of adoring fans by word of mouth alone. It may sound like hype, but if you’ve never seen RBH before, take in one show and the truth becomes crystal clear -- This band has a great presence and you should join the masses that show up regularly, ready for more!

“We are young, our fans are young and we relate by letting them know they aren’t alone in anything they are feeling or experiencing, we are right there too,” says vocalist, Jeremiah. “Youth and music are universal and our generation is a fast one with ever-changing tastes. We make music for right now.”

High school friends from the small town of La Porte, Texas, a small bay suburb outside of Houston, RBH came together in 2009, piecing together a plan that would put them into the forefront as a different kind of “boy band” and separate them from the indie/ pop pack. They recorded the 2010 WORDS & SENTENCES completely on their own and filmed a music video for the track “Nothing Left to Give” with Ryan Valdez, feeling the song was most reflective of their style.

“Our style is a bit of a different sound because we each listen to different genres of music,” said Mark, the group’s bass player. “Each of us pulls in their own style and suggestions and that helps us to stay original and current.”

RBH is ready to show off this natural melding of styles as the trio has moved past the hectic haze of high school and into a new reality of college, jobs, young adulthood and traveling an individualized path.

“We have gone through more of life since our last record,” said Zac, drummer. “We have seen more and experienced things and our sound has done a 180. We are pushing for more originality and making music that is still ‘us,’ just older.”

Dressed with an upbeat and positive vibe they feel was missing in their first effort, RBH is armed with the new release SOMETHING I NEVER TOLD YOU, a collection of songs that all relate to expressing sentiments that are meant to be shared and sometimes aren’t. In addition to the title track, songs such as, “You Can Go Your Way,” and “Afraid To Love Again” hint at the level of emotional depth of the tunes, while “This Girl,” “She’s All Mine,” and “Lovely” touch on the lighter side the band wishes to exhibit.

“Since I’m not always the most open with my feelings, the messages get lost and aren’t ever spoken. Putting them into a song is the only way I can get them out,” expressed Jeremiah, the primary songwriter of the band. “They have an all around good feel to them and we felt really connected to each of them in the studio.”

Raw talent, spontaneity and undeniable synergy is all that Red Box Harbor needs to makes sure every performance is an ear-splitting memorable event. Their fans appreciate the attentiveness shown as the band always delivers an “experience” during every gig. They like to get down into the crowd, giving out handshakes and having fun interacting between songs. “We have the best fans and they keep us going,” exclaims Jeremiah. “They want us to succeed and play a show in their hometown. We use social media to stay connected and let them all know something at once. It helps everyone see your normal day activities and lets them feel like they know you on a first name basis. Whatever we gotta do to make them happy is what we will do!

Jeremiah Turner -- Guitar/Vocals
Zac Golden -- Drums
Mark Schroeder -- Bass



copyright 2013 Red Box Harbor